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VCA’s Law & Order this Friday!


Ladies and gentlemen, VCA’s Law & Order is right around the corner and fans and wrestlers alike are excited! The event is this Friday, May 1st at 8pm. Tickets for this event is only $12 for adults and $8 for kids.

During this live event VCA’s Crazy Jack will go one on one with the Hardcore Icon himself, Cymba. These two are no strangers to one another and can’t wait to settle things in the ring once and for all. Crazy Jack stated this will be Cymba’s last ride because at Law & Order he’s sending Cymba back to hell. There has been no word from the Hardcore Icon as of yet.

One of the most anticipated matches for this event is the tag bout for the VCA tag team titles. Both young teams look to prove which team is the dominant as they showcase their ability before the VCA audience.  Brooks and Payne will defend their championship titles against the Mortons, David and Cody. Cody will be making his VCA debut, but David is no stranger to the VCA as he made his first appearance against Brooks in singles action. That night Brooks would be the victor, but David stated since he and Brooks’ meeting he’s grown and become an all around athlete. With the help of his cousin Cody, David is for sure to bring the pain against the tag team champions, but Brooks and Payne won’t be a walk in the park.

Just added, a hardcore match for the VCA Juniorvative championship. Terra Rae added this match because she insists her new body guard, Jake, deserves a title shot. After Jake’s impressive victory this past Friday, Terra claims it’s only right. Many would think Terra ordered this match due to her dislike towards the current Juniorvative champion, Allen Dalton. One have to keep in mind that hardcore matches are Jake’s specialities leaving the other participants with little hope. This hardcore bout will also feature Malik and Chris Evans which for surely will have an effect on Dalton’s performance by the two being his close friends.

After months of being tormented by an unknown character, Andres Sanchez will finally go one on one with his unidentified stalker. The accuser sent a video this past Friday revealing Sanchez was a high school drop out and left his family in a time of need to pursue a career as a wrestler. An angered Sanchez admitted he made some wrongs in his life, but Sanchez insisted no one can judge him but GOD. Sanchez said he wasn’t proud of his past, but Sanchez revealed his testimony will help younger kids going through similar situations. Sanchez’s cryptic messenger said at Law and Order this Friday he’s going to be Sanchez’s judge.

The final match of Law and Order this Friday will be for the VCA heavyweight championship. VCA champion, Kaptain Justice, will go one on one against challenger, Big Tiny. Big Tiny informed fans to get ready to cry and whine because after Law and Order there will be new heavyweight champion. Making matters worse, Tiny has the assistance and backing of Terra Rae. Tiny promised Rae that he would get the job done and become VCA heavyweight champion unlike Rae’s worthless brother, Xander Raines. Tiny said once he’s champion there’s no one that will be able to take the title from his grasp. Against the odds, Kaptain Justice said he would fight until he couldn’t anymore. As long as the fans continues to back him, Justice said he wouldn’t give up and would put Tiny down once and for all.

VCA’s Law and Order takes place this Friday, May 1st at 8pm. Tickets for adults $12 & for kids $8. 3035 Directors Row Plaza II Suite E Memphis, TN.

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