Saturday , 13 July 2024
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What got Cymba suspended?


VCA’s Hardcore Icon Cymba is back! Cymba, the man from the jungle, has returned to VCA and he wants gold. Cymba has made it known that he’s not impressed by newly formed and frontrunners for the VCA tag team titles Big Country. Cymba informed everyone that the only thing he needed was a partner and he’d run rough shot over the huge team. Cymba even stated that if he couldn’t find a partner he would take Big Tiny and Xander Raines on in a handicap match if the opportunity presented itself. Terra Rae tried dampening Cymba’s mood by having Cymba team with inexperienced Chris Evans knowing that Evans didn’t possess the skills to take on Big Country. Cymba didn’t allow that to hold him down as he carried Evans in the match, but the match was still thrown out due to Rae’s interference. The next week Terra once again tried throwing a wrench in Cymba’s assault on Big Country by forcing him to compete against Evans. Cymba informed Terra that he wouldn’t do her dirty work and wouldn’t join her cause because he had been in the game far too long. Terra was outraged and took Cymba off the weekly program claiming that Cymba had been suspended for being disrespectful.  The hype behind Cymba’s return and the challenge to Big Country has recently died down as Cymba has his eyes on another prize and that’s the VCA heavyweight title that’s debuting Friday, March 6. The winner of the 15 man over the top Battle Royal will become the first ever VCA heavyweight champion and Cymba said that would be him. Before Cymba can enter the Battle Royal, Terra has announced that Cymba must defeat Crazy Jack this Friday night in order to be entered into the Battle Royal. With that being said we’re wishing Cymba luck.

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