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This week on VCA it was noted that VCA Interim Owner Big Tiny was returning after a several week hiatus. Tiny is said to be in good spirits as Tiny can’t wait to return to the studio. Tiny has now confirmed that he will get Q and Tank in the same ring to make a major announcement this week on ... Read More »


This week on VCA the Interim Owner Big Tiny returns to VCA and Tiny says he has a lot of things to work out because he can’t have the prisoners running the asylum. Tiny says he’s been missing in action due to health reasons but the Interim Owner says he’s feeing better than ever and he’s ready to get to ... Read More »

The Brothers In Arms, Michael Clark, & Dwayne

Rumors have begun to circulate that the Brothers In Arms, Dwayne, and Michael Clark are planning to buy a ticket and attend this week’s VCA event as a spectator despite being fired. It’s said the former four fan favorite stars are planning to enter the event as a fan claiming Jason Hall can’t prevent them from attending an event as ... Read More »

Tavis takes on Lil T

This week on VCA newcomer Tavis is back and competes one on one against former junior champion Lil T. Tavis might be competing against Lil T, but everyone know that Uncle Calvin won’t be that far behind as Uncle Calvin normally accompanies T to the ring. Can T put an end to T and the infamous Uncle Calvin? Find out ... Read More »

Big Tiny remains out of action

Former VCA heavyweight champion Big Tiny remains on the sideline after suffering an injury from newcomer “Big Motor” Rick Henry. Henry, who attacked Tiny weeks ago after Tiny’s contest, landed on the ribs of the former heavyweight champion putting the fan favorite star on the shelf for weeks now. As of this moment, no one is sure of Tiny’s return, ... Read More »

Johnny Ewing’s open challenge

Former VCA heavyweight champion, Memphis Cowboy” Johnny Ewing, says he’s issuing an open challenge to anyone who’s man enough to accept. Ewing issued the challenge after claiming he’d become sick and tired of being overlooked when everyone can clearly see he’s the top guy within the company. Ewing asked the question, “how many more wimps must I beat before I’m ... Read More »

Ewing & Tiny want the heavyweight championship

This past week Johnny “Memphis Cowboy” Ewing announced that he was throwing his name in the running for the heavyweight championship. Ewing claimed he’s earned it after defeating talent such as Anthony Payne, Jake, and others. Ewing and Uncle Calvin claim Ewing has one of the most impressive streaks in the company and no one can deny it. Uncle Calvin ... Read More »

Anthony Payne injured!

Fan favorite star Anthony Payne will be out of action for the next three weeks after suffering an injury during his match last week with Daniel Miraculous. At this time we’re unaware of the extent of Payne’s injury, but Payne informed us when he returns he’ll be better than ever. Payne is looking to make a full recovery within the ... Read More »

The end of the Greatest on Earth

After losing this past Friday night to the team of the Brothers In Arms, Tavis, and Dwayne, the Greatest on Earth were forced to abandon their tag team name, tag team persona, and stable. Malik and Brooks were forced to relinquish their name after the Fresh Prince of Memphis Michael Clark caused their team the contest. Since then, Malik and ... Read More »

Fresh Prince attacked by Malik & Brooks

After causing his team a huge 8 man tag team contest this past Friday night, Mike was attacked by former tag team champions, Malik and Brooks, who took the liberty of making sure Clark would never cause their team another contest. The artists formerly known as the Greatest on Earth, Malik and Brooks, competed alongside of Clark and the Crown ... Read More »

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