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Juniorvative championship on the line this Friday night!

This Friday night, March 30th, Michael “The Radio” Clark will defend his Juniorvative championship against challenger “The Chicago Bull” Q only one week before his championship bout with Shawn Hoodrich at MegaFest. Many say this is absurd and foolish of Clark, but people have to understand this was out of Clark’s hand as co-owner of the company Terra Rae booked ... Read More »

Q teaming with Miraculous?

Photo Credit: Patrick Robinson This Friday night the continued feud between “The Chicago Bull” Q and Lil T will continue only this time the Miraculous One and the Juniorvative champion Michael “The Radio” Clark will be inserted into the equation. Last week, Q competed against Rob Danger in which Q loss after T’s music began to play distracting the 2017 ... Read More »

Lil T and Q will meet at MegaFest?

Photo Credit: Patrick Robinson This past Friday night at VCA’s Velocity Clash II, Lil T competed against his former best friend “The Chicago Bull” Q in which T pulled off an impressive victory in their Boyz in the Hood match. One would think things would have been settled after T defeated Q, but everyone found out this was not the ... Read More »

A new challenger for Clark?

Photo Credit: Patrick Robinson The Juniorvative champion, Michael “The Radio” Clark, has been on a roll as of late most recently defeating 2017 Rookie of the Year nominee Rob Danger at the Velocity Clash II this past Friday night. Despite Clark defeating Danger and multiple others before Danger to retain his championship, there’s always one waiting in the dark hoping ... Read More »

VCA’s first ever Evening Gown match?

Broken Hearts has just ended and there were definitely a lot of surprises and twists throughout the event, but no one was more disappointed than half owner of the company Terra Rae.   Tonight, Terra Rae competed alongside of Daniel Miraculous in which Miraculous took the place of Spider-Man who was originally scheduled to compete alongside of Terra Rae against ... Read More »

Xander Raines versus Johnny Ewing

We asked fans who’d they prefer to see compete against VCA Heavyweight Champion Johnny Ewing at VCA’s Broken Heart Saturday, February 3rd and they unanimously selected The Beast from Grenada, Xander Raines. Fans had an option of selecting between Xander Raines and Andreas Sanchez and the majority went with Raines. Many selected Raines because they stated that Xander was the ... Read More »

Michael “The Radio” Clark

(Photo Credit: Patrick Robinson) Newcomer, Michael “The Radio” Clark, has been on fire lately and has become one of the top fan favorites of the company with his innovative style and technique. There’s no wonder why the loved wrestler was nominated for the 2017 Wrestler of the Year. Although Mike didn’t win Wrestler of the Year award, Clark’s in ring ability ... Read More »

More action this Friday night!

Friday, December 22nd’s event will be filled with great action and surprises as there’s no telling what might happen or who might show up to the VCA studio. As everyone now know, The Greatest Show on Earth will defend their VCA tag team championship against Big Tiny and The Chicago Kid Q this Friday night, but that won’t be the ... Read More »

New VCA event?

With the beginning of the 2018 year quickly approaching, VCA is unveiling a new exciting event. The newly established event is called the Velocity Clash which takes place Saturday, January 6th 2018.   The Velocity Clash will feature three championship matches consisting of the tag team championship, the Juniorvative championship, and the heavyweight championship. All three major championships will be ... Read More »

Friday, December 15th

This week’s VCA Friday night event will have non stop action that one can only witness at the VCA studio. This event will feature Johnny Ewing, the Greatest Show on Earth, Xander Raines, Big Tiny, Daniel Miraculous and more!     If one remembers correctly, Xander Raines informed VCA half owner, Big Tiny, that after Tiny was done with referee ... Read More »

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