Friday , 5 March 2021
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Brooks becomes the Juniorvative champion

This past Friday night at the VCA studio, Brooks issued a challenge to Anthony Payne claiming that Payne was nothing more than a simple minded wrestler that everyone praised for no apparent reason. Payne, who didn’t appreciate Brooks’ tone, informed Brooks that he could say what he wanted, but at the end of the day he was the reigning Juniorvative ... Read More »

Kaptain Justice takes on a new challenge

Kaptain Justice proved to everyone that he has the red, white, and blue running through his veins by defeating and sending Chacatu back to Japan. Now that the American hero has cleansed VCA of the Japanese warrior, Justice is looking to seek revenge on the guy, if you can call him that, that’s been a thorn in his side since ... Read More »

Kaptain Justice Cleanses USA of Chacatu

There was intensity in the air, as the fans erupted. Kaptain Justice had arrived on the scene, and opposite to him, the Japanese Warrior, Chacatu. Chacatu looked to unmask the American Hero and disgrace him as well as all of American who roared for Kaptain Justice to take Chacatu out. You see, this wouldn’t be any ordinary match, it would ... Read More »

2 out of 3 series

Last night at VCA’s weekly Friday show, Xander Raines and Big Tiny announced they wanted to have the best 2 out of 3 series against Malik and Allen Dalton. The duo claimed they would be fair and wipe the slate clean, meaning the loss that Malik and Allen suffered last week wouldn’t count. The team we now know by the ... Read More »

Terra Rae’s new team named!

Everyone wanted to know and the duo of Xander Raines and Big Tiny are calling themselves Big Country. Big Country has announced that they’ll be delivering some important information to everyone in attendance at VCA’s weekly show this Friday night. Terra Rae said she was going to form one of the most unstoppable tag teams in the area and she’s ... Read More »

Sanchez is bored!

Andres Sanchez, one of the most respectable Juniorvative champions there was in VCA, has told the VCA offices that he’s bored with the current talent of the company. Sanchez revealed that he’s tired of beating the same old people every single week. Sanchez claims that he’s beaten Malik, Allen Dalton, Brooks, Anthony Payne, Kaptain Justice, the Miraculous King, and every ... Read More »

Terra Rae’s new duo!

This past Friday at the VCA studios, Xander Raines entered the studio to deliver a shocking message to the VCA audience. The fans of VCA were beginning to take a liking to Raines, especially after seeing Raines team with Malik and defeat Brooks and former WWE Superstar Carlito. Raines would deliver anything but good news last Friday.  Raines called out ... Read More »

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