Tuesday , 19 January 2021
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Big Country wins the series!

Broken Hearts turned out to be just that for Malik and Allen Dalton as they were unsuccessful in winning the best 2 out of 3 series against Big Country. To a few this was a surprise, but to many they were surprised that Dalton and Malik made it as far as they did in the series. Many didn’t think Malik ... Read More »

Mike Cobb versus Andres Sanchez!

Andres Sanchez claimed that at Broken Hearts he would teach Mike Cobb a lesson or two about trying to come in his come and take something, but from what everyone witnessed something totally different occured. No one can deny Sanchez’s ability as he took it to Cobb, but the reality part is that it wasn’t enough to put Cobb away. ... Read More »

Brooks vs. David Morton for the VCA Juniorvative championship!

Another match that didn’t disappoint at VCA’s Broken Hearts was Brooks versus David Morton for the VCA Juniorvative championship. Brooks, who was reportedly feeling under the weather, went out and put on a five star caliber match with David Morton. The match itself went back and forward causing many to reconsider their prediction on who they thought would be victorious. ... Read More »

Anthony Payne versus Shawn Hoodrich

VCA’s Broken Hearts took place Friday, February 6 at the VCA studio and the event didn’t disappoint. It was a night of nonstop action full of memorable and energetic pulse beating action. One match that stood out was the contest between Anthony Payne and Shawn Hoodrich. Both men put on a terrific showcase laying it all on the line before ... Read More »

Davey Richards returns!

Terra Rae just broke the news that Impact Wrestling’s Davey Richards will be making his return soon. The last time the VCA audience seen Richards he competed against the now current Juniorvative champion, Brooks, in a match whereas many felt that Richards was screwed. Richards promised he’d be back just for Brooks so we’re thinking that the next month or ... Read More »

Quick reply from Kaptain Justice

After just reading Crazy Jack’s bizarre interview with vcawrestling.com online, Kaptain Justice informed us that time for talk is coming to an end. Justice added that at Broken Hearts Friday, February 6 he’s going to see just how “crazy” Jack really is. Things are really beginning to unfold between the two. Read More »

Crazy Jack’s message to Kaptain Justice

We’re getting closer and closer to VCA’s Broken Hearts that’ll be taken place Friday, February 6 at the VCA studio. As we quickly approach the event, Crazy Jack’s antics continues to become more bizarre. Jack recently told us in an interview that the only thing he’s seeking is for Kaptain Justice’s soul to burn in hell where it belongs. We ... Read More »

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