Friday , 5 March 2021
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Is Allen Dalton the real Allen Dalton?

Allen Dalton, one of the hottest upcoming wrestlers of today and the 2013-2014 fan favorite award winner, is one of the most loved VCA stars in the company today. Dalton was projected to be “that guy” by many, but recently Dalton has fallen under the radar while stars such as Xander Raines, Kaptain Justice, and newcomer Chris Evans continue to ... Read More »

Davey Richards vs Brooks

Friday, March 6 at VCA’s Law and Order, Brooks, the Juniorvative champion, will defend his championship against TNA Impact Wrestling’s Davey Richards. The last time the two met Brooks upped one over Richards shocking the entire studio audience and Davey hasn’t forgotten. That night Davey vowed that he’d return and it’ll be for Brooks and Brooks only. At Law and ... Read More »

Payne turns on Justice

Last Sunday, the VCA audience were treated to a tag match between Kaptain Justice & Anthony Payne versus Brooks & Andres Sanchez. The match had it’s highs and lows as the VCA audience cheered and booed their favorite VCA superstars, but nothing would prepare the fans for what they were about to see. Payne finally made the tag to an ... Read More »

VCA’s Battle Royal Friday, March 6 at Law and Order

At VCA’s Law and Order Friday, March 6,  there will be a 15-man over the top Battle Royal to determine who’d be the the new and first ever VCA Heavyweight champion. VCA has only had one Battle Royal in recent history, but one thing for sure is that big men rule. One of the favorites going into the Battle Royal ... Read More »

Cymba and Evans take on Big Country this Sunday

This Sunday the team of Big Country takes on Cymba and Chris Evans in tag action. There has been much speculation involving the new VCA tag team titles and many assume that Terra Rae will hand Big Tiny and Xander Raines the titles without any hard work. One of those individuals is the Hardcore Legend himself, Cymba. Cymba made it ... Read More »

Brooks and Sanchez takes on Payne and Justice

This Sunday, Anthony Payne will team with VCA’s hero, Kaptain Justice, in taking on the Juniorvative champion, Brooks, and his partner, Andres Sanchez. The match resulted from Sanchez distracting and causing Payne to suffer defeat at VCA’s Broken Hearts against Shawn Hoodrich. Payne hasn’t forgotten about the incident and has been seeking retribution against Sanchez since the incident. Sanchez agreed ... Read More »

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