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Challenge accepted!

A day ago, Terra Rae issued a challenge for anyone willing to step up and challenge her newest client Johnny “The Sleeper” Gilbert. Rae said after seeing what Gilbert did to Evans weeks ago, no one in their right mind would accept, and for an entire twenty four hours no one did. At that time, no one accepted and there …

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Friday night results and Andres Sanchez returns! 12/18/15

Friday night turned out to be a great night of surprises and unexpected returns wowing the fans from one side of the studio to the next. The night kicked off with VCA owner Terra Rae and her new protégé Johnny “The Sleeper” Gilbert. Rae informed everyone that she heard Chris Evans’ rant and she was going to give Evans what …

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VCA Wrestling tonight!

Tonight is the night that the VCA fans will be exposed to not one, but two contract signings! In the first, contender for the VCA heavyweight championship, Allen Dalton, will sign his name on the dotted line to take on VCA heavyweight champion, Big Tiny, at VCA’s biggest show of the year, Extravaganza! Also, Brooks and Malik will have their …

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Chris Evans challenges John

After being ambushed this past Friday by Terra Rae, Big Tiny, and Referee John, Chris Evans just informed the VCA office that he’s challenging referee John to match this Friday night! Evans said it’s expected for Rae and Tiny to pull some mess, but Evans says he thought John was better than that. Evans said the bad part is that …

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Contract signings this Friday

This just in, Terra Rae has announced that this Friday not only will Malik and Brooks have a contract signing, but Allen Dalton and Big Tiny will too have a contract signing for the heavyweight championship match. This is unheard of in the company to have two contract signings in one night so there’s something for sure to go down. …

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Friday night results 12/11/2015

Friday night was a good night to be a fan, but a bad night to be a VCA superstar depending on what side of the fence they were on. The night kicked off with Chris Evans reminding everyone of what took place the previous week. As if Evans didn’t have enough to worry about while having to deal with the …

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Referee of the year makes a mistake?

This past Friday night at the 2015 Charlie Awards fans were treated to great action and delicious food. Fans witnessed their favorite VCA star receive a Charlie award for their accomplishments throughout the year, but they also experienced something else too! During the six man elimination match which featured Malik, Brooks, Allen Dalton, Syn, Big Tiny, and Chris Evans, Referee …

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2015 Charlie Award Results 12/4/2015

The 2015 Charlie Awards was a night filled with excitement and celebration honoring VCA stars for their many accomplishments. The award show wouldn’t be an award show without action so Crazy Jack kicked off the show by facing VCA legend Cymba. Jack felt he had something to prove by not only taking on the vet, but by proving to everyone …

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2015 Charlie Awards this Friday night

The 2015 Charlie Awards take place this Friday, December 4th at 8pm. Adults pay only $10 & kid prices are only $7. As we found out last week, Malik has recruited a team consisting of Chris Evans and Allen Dalton. Malik issued the challenge to Brooks and Brooks surprisingly accepted. Brooks said he’d be teaming with Syn and the VCA …

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Friday night results 11/27/15

The road to VCA’s Extravaganza is on its way and the stars of the company continue to bring it. Not only was this past Friday night filled with excitement, but the fans were also treated to a big surprise. The night kicked off with Malik standing in the ring informing everyone of his match at Extravaganza with TNA Impact Wrestling’s …

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