Wednesday , 8 February 2023
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Two huge events coming your way

VCA has two important events coming up, one being the 2015 Charlie Awards taking place Friday, December 4th and the other is Extravaganza which will take place Sunday, December 27th. The top stars of the company including the VCA heavyweight champion Big Tiny,  Malik, Brooks, Allen Dalton, and Chris Evans are geared up and ready for the challenge as they ... Read More »

Friday night results

This past Friday night drama filled the VCA studio from match one to the ending of the show. The show opened with Malik standing in the ring informing everyone that he should’ve known better than to trust Brooks as a tag team partner. Malik called Brooks a big mouth egotistical liar that always lies to get what he wants. Malik ... Read More »

This Friday night!

This Friday night the stars will be out and you’ll only find them at the VCA studio! After the aftermath and carnage at the anniversary show, there’s no telling what might go down especially with knowing that the journey to Extravaganza has begun. We caught up with Syn earlier and asked about his victory over Allen Dalton at the anniversary ... Read More »

Anniversary show results: Mortons versus Brooks & Malik

The main event of the evening featured a tag team bout between the Mortons and Brooks and Malik. This match was placed together by owner Terra Rae due to her forcing Malik and Brooks to team against their will. Before the match could fully begin, Brooks and Malik could be seen arguing on the side of the ring about who’d ... Read More »

Mortons versus Malik and Brooks?

One of the weirdest bouts taking place this Friday night at the anniversary show is that between the Mortons and Brooks and Malik. This tag match was placed together by the CEO Terra Rae. Rae claims she wanted incoming team, the Mortons, to compete against VCA’s best and two of VCA’s best is Malik and Brooks. Now if you’re a ... Read More »

Heavyweight championship match this Friday night

The main attraction at the anniversary show is that for the heavyweight championship between Big Tiny and Kaptain Justice. As learned, the winner of the contest will go on to take on the new number one contender Allen Dalton. Justice had waited a long time for this rematch, but in the end Terra Rae had no choice but to answer ... Read More »

VCA Street Fight match this Friday night

We’ve spoken on several matches for this upcoming Friday at the anniversary show, but one that will for surely get the blood pumping is that between Chris Evans and Jake. Recently, Terra Rae announced the two will participate in a VCA Street Fight match where it pretty much will be anything goes. One can only assume Rae added this stipulation ... Read More »

First Blood match this Friday night

This Friday night at VCA’s four year anniversary show, Allen Dalton will go one on one with Syn in a First Blood match. For those unfamiliar with the match, the only way for a participant to win the match is to force their opponent to bleed, meaning there’s no pinfall or submission. This type of match was built for rivals ... Read More »

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