Monday , 28 November 2022
Welcome to Vcawrestling !


Special guest beginning to be announced

Now that VCA’s fourth of July weekend show is over, the stars are preparing and set to move towards the 2015 Charlie Parks Tribute Show. With the Tribute show quickly approaching, one can expect a few guest to ride along too! The first announced guest for the Tribute show was none other than The Chosen Appointed Antwane Wise. Wise is ... Read More »

Friday, July 3rd

VCA has been on fire for weeks as the stars draw closer to the Charlie Parks Tribute Show.  The event will feature current VCA stars as well as Old School IWA stars that will join together to show tribute to the Sniper Charlie Parks.  The event is set to take place Sunday, August 2 and participants will be named soon, ... Read More »

Friday night results!

This past Friday night the VCA fans were treated to some good wrestling and surprise fallouts. From friends fighting to surprise attacks, no one comprehended what would happen next. The first match featured one half of the VCA tag team champions, Anthony Payne, taking on the Beast from Grenada, Xander Raines. No one knew Raines would be in attendance after ... Read More »

Crazy Jack versus Jake Part II

VCA’s weekly Friday night show is tonight at 8pm and the VCA fans are ready! Last month, everyone witnessed Crazy Jack take on Jake in VCA’s first ever Ironclad match. The match was down right rugged and gruesome with both men taking a beating. The match’s stipulation was only metal objects could be utilized and that’s exactly what the two ... Read More »

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